Wild Animal Parties!

Invite us to help your child celebrate his or her birthday with some of the delightful animals from The Nature of Things collection!

We will help you design your nature experience with helpful advice, and assist you in selecting animals from all over the globe!  In our one-hour adventure, your child and guests will explore animal habitats through a hands-on discovery of the rainforest, desert, woodland, farms, and even the mountains.  Birthday party guests will meet an assortment of amphibians, reptiles, insects, mammals, and birds. Our hands-on nature experience will fascinate your child as they discover why certain animals are slimy, scaly, creepy, furry, and feathery.


The educators at The Nature of Things carefully utilize developmentally appropriate methods to “edu-tain” the children with approximately 8-10 live animals, stories and artifacts for about one hour. Above all else, The Nature of Things will make this a special day for your child. The birthday child may help to hold some of the animals with the naturalist depending upon their age and capabilities, and will also receive a nature book at the conclusion of the party.


Dr. Mumford continues to do presentations and enjoys providing young 2-5 year olds a unique music/nature experience with her guitar in hand! Young children (and adults!) will enjoy watching the rooster peck at corn seeds as the group sings Old MacDonald!


 Special Notes:

  • All parties are held indoors at your home or a site of your choice.  We come to you with the animals!
  • We love doing parties outdoors, but please remember that our reptiles and amphibians cannot be in temperatures under 65 degrees and our mammals and birds cannot be in temperatures over 85 degrees.
  • Animal selection is done at the naturalist/educator’s discretion after speaking with the host family.

Price List
Prices begin at $265 depending upon location,  and children attending the party and number of educators necessary for an optimal experience for all!                                                            

                                                          Yes, we travel to NYC and vicinity! 


  • Did You KnowIf you have more than 16 children at your party AND your child attends one of the schools that The Nature of Things visits during the year, we are happy to offer you a 5 % discount.
  • Did You Know...We offer bookedparties.com customers a 5% discount?


                               Your birthday party will help support the work of “The Nature of Things” !

  • We help the public with injured wildlife and nuisance wildlife questions. 
  • We consult with area teachers in need of environmental science information. 
  • We conduct staff development for the early childhood communities. 
  • We provide low-cost programs to non-profit organizations.


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