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Welcome to our website, The Nature of Things.  With more than 35 years of offering environmental outreach programs, our goal is to continue presenting quality live animal presentations to schools and centers throughout the greater Metropolitan areas in New York and Connecticut. The program originated in 1982 through the efforts of Deborah and Allan Mumford. Early childhood centers, elementary schools, special needs programs, recreation programs, and senior centers are provided with hands-on and developmentally appropriate science education that features an inquiry-based approach to live animal exploration.  Professional naturalists are available weekly, monthly, and annually. We even come to private homes excited to edu-tain young children and their families about the wonders of the natural world! 


Many thanks for having The Nature of Things be a part of your program's offerings!! Our Apple Cidering program continues to be well received with more than 500 children treated to an age-old cidering experience with Mr. Sam. Summer was amazing with visits to area camps and programs! Sam, Courtney, Lee, Rob, Susan, Marissa, and Petra have been all over Westchester and parts of Connecticut with our animal crew! As the crisp fall season is upon us, Rob and Susan have left us, and we are soon losing Courtney to an  Americorps position in Nevada! We wish her well as she embarks on this new adventure....


So that brings us to a couple of employment opportunities at The Nature of Things: We are currently interviewing Part-Time Teacher Naturalists for the upcoming summer and a WEEKEND Animal Care Assistant! Please see our Career Opportunities page for more information.


 We are now booking for the 2018-2019 school year as well as summer camp, and Monika is all set, so give her a call at 914-276-3454, or by email,


Here's to a healthy and happy year from our family to yours! May we continue to value the natural world and all its amazing creatures though the work we do and with your continued financial support! We couldn't do it without all of you!


                                                                                        Dr. Deborah Mumford, Allan Mumford, Monika, 

                                                                                                and the staff at The Nature of Things



Birthday Parties

Let us help you celebrate your child’s birthday with animals from all over the globe! Your child and guests will explore animal habitats through a hands-on discovery of the rainforest, desert, woodland, farms, and even the mountains. Learn more and book a great wild animal party here . . .


Our naturalist/educators offer live animal presentations in a variety of different settings. The environmental outreach program travels to childcare centers, summer camps, fairs, and senior citizen centers. Each program is designed for its specific audience. Learn more and to book a program here . . .